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Porziuncola Before
Knights of Saint Francis

Love, Peace, Joy, and Possibly the Oldest Floor in America.

What is the Porziuncola? How do you say it? Where can you find it?

Eight hundred years after Saint Francis built a chapel with his own hands in the far away city of Assisi, San Francisco built an identical chapel to honor the saint after whom the city is named, and called it the "Porziuncola." Or, in Italian, "The Little Bit."

This print and online campaign was created as an effort to keep the Porziuncola open to the public, after it had been closed due to an administrative issue.

The creative idea and execution seeks to engage the audience with a little play on the word itself. The look is bright, sunny, cheerful, optimistic. The colors on the building lend the chapel an appearance of dynamism and love. A contemporary interpretation of psychedelic San Francisco: surprising and unexpected.

The look disarms anyone who might be opposed to religion. It arouses curiosity, and makes the chapel inviting even to the non-religious. A happy and refreshing look at something that is age-old.

Crest of the Order of the Knights of Saint Francis

What better way to get someone to sign a petition? Oh, and if you’re still wondering about that floor: the Porziuncola's floor is made from the same marble with which Saint Francis built his floor.

After centuries of quarrying, that particular marble cannot be found anywhere. But as Providence would have it, an identical marble floor was discovered under a Medieval Italian cathedral that was being disassembled. That floor now rests under San Francisco's Porziuncola, making it quite possibly the oldest floor on the continent.

Front of postcard with illustration of Porziuncola and headline "Say it with us: La Porziuncola Nuova."Verso of postcard with illustration of San Francisco skyline and headline, "Sign our petition."
Copywriter: Meg Hurtado Bloom
Art Director: Vladimir Skocajic
Illustrator: Vladimir Skocajic
Client: Angela M. Alioto
“...Meg Hurtado is one of the most artistic people I have ever met in my life… So talented in thinking out-of-the-box and expressing herself in ways that you just don’t see nowadays…”
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